Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEI&B)

What we Believe

At Cognira, we believe that we are better because of our differences. We are intentional about hiring talented individuals from diverse backgrounds, providing opportunities for underrepresented individuals in tech. 


Our global team represents people from a variety of places, backgrounds, and experiences, and we are dedicated to creating an equitable and inclusive environment where every member of our team is heard, respected, and valued. We strive for Cognira to be a workplace where every team member experiences a safe place of belonging as we focus on delivering value together.

What DEI&B Means to Cognira


We embrace the variety of characteristics that
make each of us unique


We treat people fairly


We engage in behaviors and practices that encourage, welcome, and respect diversity


We are intentional about fostering a place where each of us is seen, valued, and supported for our uniqueness