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Cognira’s PromoAI software leverages data science and AI to manage the entire end-to-end promotion lifecycle – making it simpler to plan, forecast, optimize, and analyze promotions.


Learn from past performance to drive future success.

Collaboratively plan in a single streamlined solution.

 Optimize promotions with AI-powered recommendations.

Accurately forecast demand in real time for all types of promotions.

Experience Exceptional Results

Our PromoAI Solution has helped retailers to achieve outstanding results, run optimized promotional campaigns and drive unmatched customer engagement. We have the numbers to back it up:


Sales increase


Margin increase


Inventory & Waste reduction

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Explore the power of Cognira’s retail promotion management solutions at Groceryshop 2023.

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Why Cognira?

At Cognira, we understand that success in the rapidly evolving grocery retail landscape requires a comprehensive understanding of customer preferences, optimized operations, and strategic decision-making. Our advanced analytics and AI-powered solutions equip retailers with the tools they need to gain deep insights, make data-driven decisions, and achieve sustainable growth.