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Our innovative and scalable AI technology is designed to transform promotion management for retail and wholesale

About Cognira

Cognira is the leading Promotion Management solution provider for retailers and wholesalers, making it easy to collaborate across departments, analyze past performance and run smarter, more effective promotions.

Our single solution leverages data science and AI to effectively manage the entire end-to-end promotion lifecycle.  

Our Vision & Mission

Cognira’s vision draws on the company’s desire to bridge the gap between retail and science in an easy, accessible way.  


Our mission is to make data science effortless and approachable for our customers and provide business insights that maximize efficiency and ROI.

Recognition over the years

“Our efforts at Cognira to develop and foster a culture that provides value to our customers and our determination to bring innovation to Promotion Management are proving to be at the forefront of our success,” said Dr. Hatem Sellami, Cognira’s Founder and CEO.

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