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Streamline the planning process with a centralized dashboard

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Discover our Promotion Planner module

Planning promotions isn’t easy and is arguably one of the most difficult tasks to manage.


Our Promotion Planner module brings all planning under a collective roof, allowing retailers and wholesalers to collaborate efficiently across departments, prevent cannibalization, reduce planning cycle times, easily track workflows and approvals, and efficiently create promotions across all channels.

Why we created our Promotion Planner module

Common pain points retailers and wholesalers experience when planning promotions

Struggle to collaborate across departments 

No single platform
Planning promotions is time-consuming

Difficult to create promotions that align with goals

Transform promotion management with our Planner module. Here are a few key highlights that make our module stand out from the crowd:

Centralized dashboard for planning and optimizing promotions, events, and campaigns

Supports collaboration across merchandising, marketing, and vendor partners

Real-time forecasting while planning promotions

Streamlined workflow for efficient promotion planning

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