The Power of Promotion Management: Driving Retail Success blog cover

The Power of Promotion Management: Driving Retail Success

Promotion management is a powerful business strategy that can greatly impact a business’s success. However, many retailers face difficulties in effectively managing promotion strategies from planning to implementation.    Historically, retailers struggled to promote the right products at the right time and price points. The rise of omnichannel strategies has further added complexity by emphasizing

Rising Above Inflation – How Retailers Can Leverage Promotions to Attract and Retain Customers

Over the past decade, the retail industry has faced more changes and obstacles than it has in the entire previous century. While retailers are recovering from the supply chain disruptions caused by COVID-19, they are now grappling with the impact of rising inflation on their businesses. This has created a crisis for retailers and consumers

The Impact Collaborative Planning Has on Promotion Performance

The Impact Collaborative Planning Has on Promotion Performance

Merchant & Marketing Perspective Collaboration exists all around us. It serves as a way for people to work together under a shared purpose or goal. When groups effectively collaborate, processes are improved, communication is enhanced, and results are achieved.  Within the retail space, collaboration is essential for all business functions including Supply Chain, Operations, and

Mastering the Art of Retail Promotion Planning

Planning is a crucial part of the promotion management lifecycle. It serves as the foundation for promotion success since it is where retailers strategize on objectives and spend, and create the promotion.    Throughout this blog, we’ll break down the basics of promotion planning, sharing benefits and practical tips and strategies that will support the

ChatGPT VS Retail Expert

ChatGPT VS Retail Expert Does ChatGPT hold all of the answers for retailers? What about topics related to retail promotions? Discover how Cognira’s retail expert, Ethan Jack, challenges answers and offers a unique perspective.   Move over Google, ChatGPT is the new kid on the block. In just a matter of 5 days after launching

Advantages and Limitations of Retail Media Networks

Retail media networks (RMNs) have dominated the digital advertising space over the past two years. In fact, eMarketer projects the market will reach $55.3 billion by 2024!   Why the sudden interest? RMNs are proving to be an exceptional strategy for third-party brands because of their VIP access to retailers’ first-party customer data. This allows

Day 3 @ NRF 2023- Final Thoughts & Team Takeaways

Day 3 @ NRF 2023- Final Thoughts & Team Takeaways That’s a wrap! It was a pleasure to attend retail’s big show and meet with retailers, vendors, and experts to discuss all things retail and technology.  Though we could write a whole essay about what we learned, we’ve compiled our thoughts into a few bullet

Day 2 @NRF 2023 : 4 Talks that Left us Inspired

Day 2 @NRF 2023 : 4 Talks that left us inspired The first day of NRF is all about getting used to the environment – understanding the themes, types of vendors, and overall goals for the 3-day event. For day 2, however, it’s taking advantage of what you know and spending your time wisely.  Besides

Day 1 @NRF 2023 | Trends, Themes, and Talks

Day 1 @ NRF 2023 | Trends, Themes, and Talks The biggest retail show of 2023 is finally here! It’s great to see NRF filled with energy and excitement – a much bolder atmosphere than 2022’s show. This year, retailers, vendors, and industry experts all across the globe have met up in NYC to discover

Integrating Weather-Driven Demand Analytics with Promotion Management

The Impact Weather-Driven Demand has on Promotion Performance

Why Integrating Weather-Driven Demand Analytics with Promotion Management can improve Retailer’s Bottom Line Often one of the first things people do is check the weather when starting their day. Weather plays a huge role in the clothes we choose to wear, the activities we do for the day, the food and drinks we consume, and