Let’s meet at NACS SHOW 2023

Day 3 @ NRF 2023- Final Thoughts & Team Takeaways

That’s a wrap! It was a pleasure to attend retail’s big show and meet with retailers, vendors, and experts to discuss all things retail and technology. 


Though we could write a whole essay about what we learned, we’ve compiled our thoughts into a few bullet points: 

  • Customer experience > Everything
  • The future is already here…it’s time for retailers to move to the cloud
  • Price & promotions are more important than ever
  • Omnichannel provides flexibility and convenience to the customer and provides more sophisticated data to the retailer

One of our awesome partners generated a word cloud of NRF 2023 and we had to share it! It’s no surprise that customer, experience, and demand come out on top for the most popular topics.

Team Takeaways

Team Cognira at NRF 2023

The Sessions

“While personalization and customization remain important in how retailers are reaching their customers across channels, we are seeing even more emphasis on creating customer experiences and interactions that extend beyond the desire to nurture loyalty, to actual advocacy for the retailer’s products and brand.”

The Booth

“Our booth provided a space for many thoughtful conversations about promotions. A few conversations that really resonated with me:

  • Retailers are looking for a common promotion planning platform that supports collaboration across all decision-makers, including merchandising, marketing, operations, and vendors.
  • Retailers are partnering with vendors more to deliver differentiated experiences for their customers
  • Retailers are increasingly providing their own retail media networks to tailor vendor-funded content into their digital platforms.
  • Cognira’s objective-based planning really interested retailers. This contrasts many AI solutions that simply tell the user how their particular decision will perform.”

The Overall Experience

“This was my second year at NRF, and while I knew the overall expectations going into the event, I was still very impressed! This year, there were over 1,000 exhibitors and many keynote sessions. Our booth grew in size and more of our leaders got to attend the show. Looking forward to taking what we learned and applying it to our day-to-day!”

Final Thoughts on NRF 2023


NRF 2023’s theme was all about Breakthrough technology and innovation and it truly lived up to its name thanks to all of the keynote sessions, and conversations we had with retailers, vendors, and experts. 


Many of the biggest names in retail got together to discuss ground-breaking ideas and strategies, an opportunity that only truly happens once a year! 


Thank you to everyone that stopped by our booth and spoke with us. We look forward to seeing you all again in 2024!

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About Cognira

About Cognira


Cognira is the leading artificial intelligence solutions provider for retailers. Cognira is passionate about helping retailers unlock valuable, transformative business insights from their data.


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To learn more, check out our website at cognira.com or contact us today to get started. 

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